How can I prepare salary of my employee?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-13 14:22

Borg Suite Allows to prepare salary of employee by Human Resource team. salary preparation has been included all necessary particulars including, Basic salary, Leave deduction, PF, TDS, ESI, Incentive, Bonus,  Allowances etc.. 

First, select employee name whow you want to prearae salary followed by submission & Fill all deatiles application for your enterprise. Particulars which are not relevant for your company. Just fill zero (0) to order to complete salary preparation form.

At last submit the form & the same would be listed in the view salary menu under Manage salary menu as well as would be dispalyed in the accounting & Finanace section to allow accountant to credit the same amount in to employee bank account.

For your undestanding, salary preraration form is given below-

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