How can I edit my Invoice?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-13 08:02

Borg suite allows you to modify or edit existing Invoices if required. Login to Borg Suite ---------- > Go to “Accounting & Finance” Module ---------- > Click on Side menu “ Sales Invoices” ----------- >  Go to the Action Column in the most right of the table --------- > Click on Edit icon ----------  > You will be landed to edit page  --------  > Make required changes --------- > Click on “Save Changes”

Manage Invoice Page is shown below-

 Edit Invoice Page looks like shown below-


Invoice would be modified successfully.

Product Price, Quantity or GST can’t be modified. In case of any modification of product/service details, You have to delete the product /Service & add by submitting above form on the same page & finally click on “Save Changes”.

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