How can I prepare GST Invoices?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-13 07:50

Borg Suite is equipped to generate GST enable Invoice. Login to Borg --------- > Go to Accounting & Finance module --------- > click on Side Menu “Generate Invoice” ---------- > Fill all required details -------> Select Products or service from the list ------- > Fill Quantity, Price, GST Type, GST Rate etc --------- > Click on “Generate Invoice” As shown below-

Invoice Type:   Invoice has to be defined either service or product. If Invoice is product type, Product must be managed by Inventory module before invoicing otherwise it must be service type. Product type Invoice deducts product quantity of equal number from stock / inventory.

GST Type: If you are invoicing for other states other than you are sitting in, You have to select IGST otherwise (CGST+SGST).

Due Date: If Payment is received advance, Due date would be current date otherwise select a date as due date when you are expecting payment to be received from debtor.

Add More:  Add more option on the top of “product and Service” table would be used when you are invoicing for multiple products & Services.

Invoice Note:  Invoice note refers to Invoice terms & conditions which is set earlier in module settings on the admin setup dashboard followed by accounting & finance settings. It can be modified for particular invoice before clicking on “Generate Invoice” on the same page.

Mail Content:  Mail content is a default mail body if you are directly mailing this invoice to customer’s registered email ID. This can also modify on the same page if required.

Invoice note & Mail Content is shown below-


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