How can I clear reimbursement of my employee?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-13 14:40

Reimbursement or employee claim facilitates employee to apply online from their login dashboard provided by their company or can also be applied by HR Personnel in case employee does not have access to their individual dashboard.

There are following points which will make you more clear --

  • Reimbursement shall be applied by employee from his/her login dashboard with deatils.
  • Applied one shall be checked & approved by human Resource team with or without discussion with employee.
  • Once approved shall be listed with account team in their dashboard.
  • Approved claim / reimbursement shall be credited to registered bank account of employee with salary or as per HR policies.

If any query, teh same can be routed to Borg Pre-sales Team or Support Team or Borg Account Manager.

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