How can I go ahead with basic setup of my new account with BORG?

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2017-12-12 18:46

ere, Borg Suite guides you step by step to complete your basic setup to ahead further with respective modules. these setps are part of basic setup which are aprt of Admin setup dashbord. There are centian options  like update/ manage  profile, manage customers, manage vendors, manage services( if any) & Module setings (For Notification & Alerts) to update before go ahead which are listed below. 

Step 1: Login To Borg Suite with Given User id & Password

  Go to Borg Website & Click on Signup. Provide there required information & get registered. You will get call from Borg Executive & would be created your free trial account based on your requirement for 15 Days. Your would be provided a user name & Password from Borg Suite to login & continue. Put Your user Id & Password as shown below:

Step 2:  Update or Manage your Business Profile 

You shall be landed to Admin Setup Page.  There are few settings required to update before going ahead in to modules like Manage Profile, Module Settings, Manage Services etc.

Now  Lets start with Manage Profile :  BORG Suite facilitaes to manage your Personal & business Information

  Well, Just After first login, Borg Suite suggests to complete Personal & Company Information before starting anything else. Personal details & company details both are combined with side menu “Manage Profile” wherein Personal details contains CXO information & Company details contains business info like contact no, Email id etc. as shown below- Login to Borg Suite------> Click on side menu “Manage Profile” -------- > update personal & company information -------- > Click on “update”  as shown below:

Step 3: Manage  Your Services  with SAC

  Login to Borg Suite------> Click on side menu “Manage Services” --------- > Click on “ + Sign” on right top to add new Service  ------ > Pop form will be displayed--------- > Fill Details -------- > Click on “Add Service”  as shown below- 

Step 4: Manage Customers

Borg Suite facilitates to manage your customers which includes Adding New customers, Customer’s GSTIN, PAN & Area Code in order to GST compliance, Billing Address, Contact no & contact email id etc. Contact Email ID must be unique within entire BORG Suite software because in case of service industries borg allows their customers to login & open service tickets, chat & other information available in their control panel dashboard. To add New Customers- Login to Borg Suite ----------  > Click on Side menu “Manage Customers” in admin setup dashboard --------- > Click on “+ Sign” on top right of the page -------- > Fill required details ------- > Click on “Add Customer”

Listed Customers details can be modified when required like contact person, Contact no, GSTIN, Area Code, PAN No etc but Company Name can never be modified.

Step 5: Manage Vendor

To add New Vendor- Login to Borg Suite ----------  > Click on Side menu “Manage Vendor” in admin setup dashboard --------- > Click on “+ Sign” on top right of the page -------- > Fill required details ------- > Click on “Add Vendor”  

After adding new Vendor, you will be shown Vendor list as shown below-

Step 6: Go to Module Settings

Module Setting is one of important features of the BORG Suite which facilitates custom activation & deactivation of various type of SMS & Email Alerts pertaining to each module separately as required by your business. Module Setting is available in the Admin Setup dashboard of the Borg Account. Login to Borg Suite------> Click on side menu “Module Settings” --------- > 5 horizontal menu on middle top stating from “marketing & Sales” ------------  > Click on respective module setting  ---------- > Activate or deactivate settings ------- > Click on “update” to submit the changes. Example for Account & finance settings as shown below-

Another Example of Settings - Sales & Markerting  as shown below-

Above All options would make you comfortable to go ahead furher with other spefic modules. Borg Suite has listed 100+ possible FAQ in this knowlwdge base for your great learning & understanding all about Borg Suite Applications.

If still any assistance is required to setup your account or knowledge sharing about entire application, Borg Offers both online Assistance & on-site traning session for its customers.

For Online  Assistance or on-site traning sessions, Pls contact to our nearest Borg Siute Partners or Mail us at "" .

Pls be noted that online knowledge transfer or assistance is completely free. 


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