What is SCM, MOQ & SOQ ?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-13 13:52

SCM (Supply Chain Management): Borg facilitates Product based enterprises to manage their distributors network with separate login dashboard which is integrated with Borg only. Supply Chain Management is an integral part of System Integrators and Manufacturing Industries. Borg Supply Chain management facilitates industries to manage, track finished goods from point of origin to consumption through various level of distributors. For smooth supply of goods through chain of distributors, A system is required wherein distributor’s inventory & current position of goods can be tracked by company. Borg enables distributors to place order online & tracking of same.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity):   MOQ defines a minimum order quantity for distributors to order any product /s. Any order of size less than MOQ can’t be accepted by company from distributors or retailers. Value of MOQ varies product to product or company to company.

MSQ (Minimum Shortage Quantity):  This is very important term in the borg suite inventory. It reminds to maintain the enough stock by sending text SMS on registered mobile number when stock in going below the defined MSQ.

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