Why Borg Suite ?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-08 10:04

Borg Suite has been developed & being distributed by one of the leading company owning credit of  serving 1300+ Users, 300+ Business & 70+ Partners in India. 

Borg Suite is an Integrated Business Software Application ( Integrated Modules Accpunting & Finanace, Sales & Marketing, Service Desk, Inventory & Supply Chain, Human Resource & Third Party Acess like Customers, Distributors) with Single platform Interface.

Borg Suite facilitaes in-built auto communication features & 75+ Analytical Reports.

Borg Suite's team is working in the way to serve 48+ Million indian SMEs as cost effective tool for toggle="tooltip" data-placement="bottom" data-original-title="When we talk about business automation, It refers automation of all day to day processes of an enterprise wherein all activities all being captured & deep business insight in terms of reports are produced automatically.">Business automationIncrease effectiveness & Effeciency of enterprises

Borg Suite's knowledge base helps to acquire relevant information all about the borg before & after taking decision for borg deployment.  In addition, Borg Team has tickeing support system for post implementation support & All borg partners are well trained & certified to assist you round the clock. 

 We are in the mission to bring cost effective cloud solutions which can make 48+ million SMEs stand parallel with well managed automated enterprises & forward to their competitors.

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