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2017-12-12 18:28

Being an Integrated Software,  Borg  facilitates various login interfaces like for Master Admin, Admin,  Employee, Channels, Distributors & off course customers.   Based on day-to-day data captured by Borg from all login interfaces,  Borg  manages processes , optimize business automatically followed by providing valuable & critical Insights for companies decision maker.

Business Optimization: A key challenge being faced by businesses in this competitive and dynamic world, is how to remain managed & connected with their customers, prospects & team members. Some of the common reasons for organizations to opt for Borg Software Suite:

Improve efficiency: Borg eliminates manual data entry, reduce process cycle time and reduce manual routing.

Improve effectiveness: Borg handles exceptions faster and better & Real time Borg’s analytics enables to make better decisions in right time.

Keep Connected: Borg Integrates auto communication as a medium of regular communication  

Process Management: Process management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and systems to measure, control, report and improves processes with the business goal to meet customer requirements profitably. Borg Suite is a software tool equipped with various techniques by well experienced industry veteran & provides the mechanisms to effectively monitor, manage and communicate business process within an organization to deal with these challenges.   

Integrated Multiple Modules in to Single Interface: Borg is integrated business software reason being it is cost effectiveness, easy to manage, easy to coordinate, easy to evaluate company performance, easy to manage single software vendor etc. . In case of separate software, Enterprise can’t be fully optimized & there must be leakage somewhere in the system. To avoid system leakage, Borg Suite has become one of the India’s leading cloud applications for SMEs. Borg Integrates Following Modules currently & working to bring more in the interest of SMEs. • Accounting & Finance • Sales & Marketing • Service Desk • Inventory & SCM • Human Resource  

Notifications & Alerts ( Integarted Auto Communication) : Being a competitive edge, Every organization needs to be connected with their customers regularly.  Borg Suite has been fully integrated with notifications & alerts throughout the entire application. Apart from this, For service enterprises it always remain challenge to satisfied customers without any systematic exchange of communication. Borg Suite Service desk is an effective tool to server your customer with greater satisfaction. Borg Service desk facilitates Online ticketing system, chat for rapid action on highest priority calls, entire ticket conversation is recorded by borg itself & registered email ids at both end.  

Analytical Reports ( Hands on Business Reports): Analytical reports offer both information and analysis, but they also include recommendations. Offering recommendations is the biggest difference between informational and analytical. In order to grow in the right direction to achieve set goal of the enterprise, It is must to have analytical report card on hand to evaluate the performance of team, individual & company as a whole.  Reports play great role in decision making to manage process and optimize business. Borg suite generates 75+ analytical reports automatically which help decision makers to analyze from many aspects.


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