Ho w to add Expense of the Institutes in the EduBorg ? How expenses can be managed ?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-13 18:27

Increasing budget of the day to day institutes Management is required to manage & track Expenses. EduBorg Allows to add Expenses & listing them to track & manage.

Add Expenses:  

Login to EduBorg --------- > Go to "Accounts & Reecipt" ---------- > click on "Expenses"---------- >  Click on "Add Expenses"  --------- > the Required DEtails -------- > Submit the form  ----------  > Expense added successfully

Add Expense Hints are shown below-

 After successfully Addition of Expenses, You shall be directed to "List Expense" Page which details all about expenses followed by horizental scroll.

Expenses can also be maanged by editing, updating, & deleting as shown above.

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