How I can track reported leads to the BORG Suite?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-13 08:41

Tracking of logs plays very important role in complete life cycle of Lead from reporting to conversion. It takes enough time to convert any lead from the day of reporting. Most of the time, It requires very close follow up to convert potential lead in to customer.

If Entire follow up logs are stored somewhere it helps not only in analyzing potential of leads bit also sales team’s efforts in converting the leads.

Tracking logs also let you know the reason behind any lead status & provide justification for the same.

Borg facilitates every sales person to maintain tracking logs on every conversation with prospects as a lead history logs.

Logon to Borg Suite ---------- > Go to Sales & Marketing ----------  > Click on “Manage All Leads” ----- > Go to Last column “Action” of Lead listing -------  > Click on Middle Icon to add Tracking logs as shown below-

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