Email Alert - Greeting Email to prospect’s email id

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-12 19:34

Email has always been preferred communication channel for enterprises. Borg Suite has integrated email alerts & notification to prospects that is known as Greeting Email. This mail is pushed to prospect’s email id at the time of capturing the lead details followed by submission.

Borg Suite allows enterprises to set their greeting mail alert on their own once during the setup. Later on, the same can be changed when it is needed.

This mail is delivered automatically to prospect’s email id at the time of capturing details followed by submission of form or when captured though any other channel.

Follow following path to set greeting email alert- Login to Borg Suite -------- > Go to “Marketing & Sales” ------- > Click on “Email Alert” in the left side bar menu -------- > Click on “Greeting Email (New Lead)” --------- > Write & set Email content in the given editor -------- > Click on “Greeting email” in the bottom  

Greeting email would be set successfully as shown below-

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