Email Alert: Daily Lead summary details to a designated email id set by company

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2017-12-12 19:29

This mail alert or notification contains sales team performance daily. Lead summary details are most useful for tracking of reported leads by CXOs or decision makers.

Enterprises are investing enough amount on lead generation & still found bank when we talk about in number of leads. It’s very difficult for them to answer following questions- Borg Suite answers hundreds of questions but we are listing very few of them- 

  • How Leads were reported against investment done for lead generation for any of the campaign type ?
  • How Leads were irrelevant ?
  • How many leads became junk after several follow-ups?
  • How many leads were contacted by our sales team
  • How many leads are reported from a particular campaign
  • How many leads are reported directly from your website even though you are also investing on you website design, SEO, SMO etc.
  • How many leads were on the verge of conversation but unfortunately our sales team could not turn them up ?        Etc…….  

So this has become now very important to have a look on numbers in the morning & if numbers are not favorable, Go to Borg Analytics for quick analysis before going to team members.  

Collect Borg Information as well as from team members, Match them & reach to conclusion. Now your any decision definitely gonna help to your business vision & team members.  

Now you can  have enough reasons to think that a single mail alert matters a lot for your business.

Daily lead summary alert is shown below-


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