Daily Account Summary update on Registered Mobile Number

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-12 18:53

Daily Account Summary updates to Company’s designated CXO, Business Head, Director based on Mobile configuration.

This daily mobile alert is sent to the mobile number which is configured in the blow location- Login to Borg Suite -------- > Click on “Manage Profile” in the left side bar menu --------- > Go to “Personal Information”  -------------- > Update “Contact No” --------- > Click on “Update” to save the number. For reference Personal Information is shown below-

This SMS alert contains  Following information as of previous day  & delivered at around 8:00 AM IST.

Sales / Service Amount, Expense Amount ( Expense includes Purchase  and General Expenses ),  Payment credited & Payment debited from bank account based on information captured by Borg Suite during a day.

SMS content & format is given below- 



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