What are the Supported Delivery Status in the DLR Report with Goodpick Messaging Application?

Team-Borg Suite
2017-12-13 19:28

 Goodpick Maessaging Gateway ensures 100% submission to SMS Center at telecom opertaor followed by their DLR Status against each mobile number.

DLR updates may take maximum duration of 24hrs from submission of the same.

DLR Status is the result of receipient handset acknowledgement sent to telecom opertaor system.

DLR Error Code Descriptions:

  •  DELIVRD    -    DELIVRD to SIM
  • UNDELIV     -    Unidentified Subscriber or  Illegal Subscriber or Tele service not provisioned or Illegal Equipment or Call Barred or Facility Not Supported or Data Missing or Unexpected Data Value or Unrecognized component or Mistyped component or Body structured component or Mistyped parameter or Mistyped parameter or Unrecognized error or Unexpected error or Unable to decode response or User abort or API Error or Unknown Error or Subscriber Unreachable or Unidentified Subscriber 
  • EXPIRED  - Unrecognized invode ID  or  SM-Delivery Failure or System Failure or  Resource limitation or Initiating release or Unrecognized linked ID or Return result expected or Unrecognized invoke ID or Return error unexpected or Absent Subscriber or Subscriber Busy For MT_SMSor Provider abort or Timeout 
  • SUBMTED  - Duplicate invoke ID   or  Linked Response expected or Unexpected linked operation, Unidentified Subscriber 
  • NCPRDND -  DND Error Code
  • REJECTED -  Source / Template Error Code or DND Error Code
  • PENDING   - Report yet to be updated
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