How to create employee appointment or employment profile?

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2017-12-13 14:00

Borg Suite facilitates enterprises to add detailed profile of their recruited employee like personal details, employment details, type of employment (Trainee / contractual / probation / permanent), Salary details , Leave details etc. as part of employment.

Employment cam be added by Human Resource Admin. This details is also shown to user / employee profile in their login control panel.

Borg Suite allows enterprise to provide user account to every employee as a their control panel to perform day to day key jobs  as a part of automatic process like showing profile to maintain transparency, Apply leave online & leave tracking, tracking attendance, Applying claim online, access of company holiday calendar etc.

To add employee’s employment details if Employment type “On Roll”–

Login to Borg --------- > Go to “Human Resource” Module -------- > Click on “Employee on Roll” -------- > Click on “+ Sign” on the right top  ------- > Fill Basic details followed by Job Type -------- > Fill personal Details, Employment details, Salary details, Leave details etc --------- > Click on “Add Employee” –

First step is shown below-

Follow process & add employee profile successfully. 

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