What is Lead Distribution? & How to assign / transfer / distribute any Lead to my team members?

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2017-12-13 08:52

If either any lead is reported to admin or lead to be transferred to another sales person in the team based on reporting system, It requires to assign lead to the concern sales person/s. Assigning lead from admin to sales team or from one sales person to another is known as Lead distribution.

It plays important role in the conversion of potential lead Y reduces chance of losing any lead.

Any Manager can transfer or distribute lead among his / her team members only where as admin or master admin can distribute lead among entire sales team.

After assigning the lead, Assignee becomes owner of the lead whereas adder remains always adder of the lead.

Leads are distributed as shown below- Login to Borg Suite -------- > Go to “Sales & Marketing” -------  > Click on “Lead Distribution” in the side bar menu --------- > Select Level & then Sales person whom to assign lead -------- > Clcik on “Assign”  -------- > Lead gets assigned.

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