How to define sales team structure?

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2017-12-13 08:44

Borg allows you to create team structure up to 4 level which are defined based on reporting level.  Borg does not limit size of the team i.e. team size can be up to n-numbers.

To define team Structure:

 login to the BORG Suite --------- > Click on “Manage User” in the side bar menu  --------- > Click on “Add User” --------- > Fill All Required details ----------- > Select “Reporting Level” ---------- > Select “Reporting Manager” ----------- > Click on “Submit”

User Created Successfully with the given hierarchy based on reporting level.

 After settings, Team structure will be shown as below-


Based on reporting Level, Level-4 shall be positioned on top level who is absolutely admin of Borg Suite Account. All level-3 Managers shall be reporting to Level-4 Admin ( CXO) & similarly all level-2 shall be reporting to level-3 managers and so on........

Every level can have N-number of managers or team members. Brach office manager can also be managed as shown in the above hierarchy.

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